How car accidents can cause visual deficits

Did you know that if you experience headaches following a car accident, it could be due to various factors relating to your vision? When it comes to car accidents, the last thing you may think of is visual deficits. Many people are aware of major physical injuries, but it is not uncommon to suffer from eye problems as well. Below are just a few things that may occur after an accident causing issues with your vision.

Optic Nerve Damage

The optic nerve connects your eye to your brain, and the fluid surrounding that nerve is extremely sensitive to pressure changes. If it receives blunt-force trauma, it may put more pressure on the optic nerve and cause it to malfunction. Sometimes, even if properly treated, it may endure damage that can cause blindness, vision problems, or visual distortion. 

Detached Retina

The retina is responsible for catching light and turning it into information that your brain is able to process. You can become permanently blind if the thin layer of tissue that makes up the retina tears or detaches. In car accidents, the rapid deceleration that’s common can contribute to retinal detachment. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

For you to see correctly, your brain and eyes must have proper communication. Traumatic brain injuries can be common in car accidents, and these injuries can cause blindness, blurred vision, and other vision impairments. If you hit your head during a car crash, you must seek proper medical care to ensure you aren’t suffering from a brain injury. 

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