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Did you know auto accidents can have a harmful effect on the eyes? Did you know that if you are having headaches following an accident, your vision could be at fault? At Synergy Health Partners, we are aware that the force of whiplash or trauma to the head can indeed cause visual deficits. Furthermore, our Neuro-Optometrist understands how visual dysfunctions relate to a patient’s symptoms and performance. 

If you have been suffering from headaches and suspect your vision may be impaired, call to schedule an appointment with our Neuro-Optometrist! 

During your evaluation, the Neuro-Optometrist will examine the following: 

  • How your eyes are working together (are they working too hard to focus and aim together?) 
  • Your eye tracking ability 
  • Your ability to processes your environment and move through it 
  • The connection between your vision and balance 
  • Your body’s sense of position in space 

After your evaluation, you may need specialized glasses, called prisms, to help with your treatment. These will help to improve activities of daily living and performance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!