Is Counseling Necessary After Car Accidents?

When people think of car accidents, they first think of the damage to the vehicle or the physical injuries that occur to the body. However, it’s also important to consider other factors, like mental health. Having a car accident can be a traumatic experience. When one occurs, it’s essential to seek professional help to deal with processing the experience. Unresolved trauma can cause long-term psychological and physical health problems, but seeking counseling can help with these issues.

Trauma, Anxiety, and Fear

Regardless of how mild or severe a car accident is, the driver or passengers may suffer long-term psychological problems. Synergy Health Partners has a clinical psychologist who can provide professional guidance after an auto accident. While some people may not think twice after experiencing a minor fender-bender, others replay that experience over and over in their minds. This creates crippling anxiety, phobias, and fear, symptoms that can last for weeks, months, or even years after an accident. They may also want to avoid riding in cars or may be triggered just by watching cars drive by. Unless they seek professional help, the fear and anxiety may become chronic and spin into other mental health disorders. 

Seeking Professional Counseling

While most people feel anxious and upset after a car accident, prolonged anxiety, fear, and depression should be addressed by a mental health care professional. Seeking professional counseling is something that everyone who has suffered trauma from a car accident should consider. Finding the right clinician is also essential. At Synergy Health Partners, our psychologists are highly trained and have experience working with clients of various trauma backgrounds.

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If you’ve been dealing with unresolved trauma from a car accident, you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone. Many people deal with mental health issues after they have experienced traumatic events, and we want you to know there are options available. Contact us today to schedule an appointment—don’t suffer in silence a moment longer!

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