Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy


Our physical therapists in Denver are skilled in manual therapy and able to address your pain and movement from head to toe! They can even help restore function of several of your special senses. Read more to find out how.


Our providers work with each patient to base treatment off their personal pain patterns and movement capabilities. Together, we find the best plan of care to target your impairments and restore your function


We utilize corrective exercises and stretches, along with hands-on techniques, to provide you with full, pain-free range of motion without the use of invasive procedures.

Our Denver based physical therapists aim to get you back to normalcy as quickly as possible. Common injuries following an auto accident include whiplash, concussion, muscle strains, ligament sprains, bruises, and swelling. Our caring physical therapists are prepared to help with each of these conditions. First, they will decipher your pain and movement patterns to discern which tissues are injured or inflamed. And second, they will assess your functional impairments and activity limitations to create an individualized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle. At our back and neck pain clinic, there is no need to worry about invasive procedures. Physical therapists specialize in restoring function with an assortment of evidence-based conservative techniques. Read on to learn more! 

Common Physical Therapy Techniques

Corrective Exercise: Physical therapists use exercise to expedite the healing process. Gentle exercise is a great way to increase blood flow to injured areas. When these areas receive more blood flow, it gives them the ingredients needed to heal while helping unnecessary inflammation leave the tissue. Corrective exercise is also used to target specific muscles that need strengthening in order to stabilize painful joints. Our physical therapists will work with you to find tolerable exercises that not only improve your mobility, but also provide you with the endurance needed to get through the day. 

Stretching: While some muscles negatively affect joints and mobility by being too weak, others negatively affect joints and mobility by being too tight! The physical therapists at our Denver clinic will pinpoint tense muscles and teach you stretches to improve their flexibility. Tight muscles can entrap nerves and decrease the space needed for joints to move freely, causing pain. Let us help you restore pain-free movement at Synergy. 

Manual Therapy: Sometimes it takes more than exercise and self-stretching to alleviate pain and regain full range of motion. That is why our physical therapy staff is proficient in manual therapy techniques. Our Denver based specialists use hands on methods such as mobilizations to stretch joint capsules and restore neurological signaling for better function and sensation. In other scenarios, they use manual cuing to guide specific muscle activation that will re-establish equilibrium and reduce pain. Our physical therapists do what’s right for you! 

Patient Education: Throughout each rehabilitative journey, we work to keep our patients educated on the purposes of their treatment. At our back and neck pain clinic in Denver, we take pride in motivating patients to take an active role in their recovery process. Our goal is to teach you lasting exercise techniques and instill better body mechanics for everyday life so that you may leave our care feeling self-sustained. 

Concussion Rehabilitation: Did you know that your brain is the consistency of Jell-O? Even a small blow to the head can interrupt the chemical messaging throughout your brain. If you hit your head on the car window, or even the headrest, it is likely that you sustained a concussion, which is also considered a mild traumatic brain injury. Concussions can cause uncontrollable mood swings and slow your thought processes. They can lead to issues involving your eye function and vestibular function. Luckily, at Synergy Health Partners, our physical therapists are knowledgeable in the treatment of concussions. They will monitor your symptoms and create personalized exercises to help you return to normal. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Inside your ears there are tiny canals holding crystals which tell your brain your position in space. With a blow to the head or whiplash, the position of these crystals can become disrupted. The resulting mismatched messaging from the crystals can cause dizziness, nausea, and vertigo. Did you know that select physical therapists are qualified to perform positional maneuver that resets these crystals to their home locations? That’s right, your nausea may have a quick fix in physical therapy! Come see us today.