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Personal Injury Treatment

Denver Physical Rehabilitation

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Being involved in an accident or suffering from a personal injury can be a very scary situation, which can be made worse if you continue to suffer from back or neck pain, stiffness, or lack of mobility. Seeing our Denver based physiatrists and chiropractors is a great option if you are seeking treatment for pain relief. Our doctors at Synergy Health Partners offer a variety of non-invasive services to help you get the pain relief that you need.


Personal Evaluation

Upon meeting your physiatrist at our Denver personal injury clinic, we will first provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to identify the exact cause of your pain. Based on our findings, we will then create a course of treatment to help you recover from your injury. 


Injury Treatment

Depending on your situation and injury, the staff at our personal injury clinic in Denver will develop a personalized treatment plan that will help to strengthen your spine, relieve you from pain, and even improve your overall mobility. 


Ongoing Support

While receiving physical rehabilitation therapy is helpful, our Denver based physiatrists will also provide you with ongoing support and assistance. This may include exercises that you can complete at home to continue your recovery. Your chiropractor will also provide ongoing support as you continue to get better.