How To Get Rid Of Sleep Disturbances Caused By Auto Accidents

If you’ve recently been involved in an automobile accident, you may find yourself unable to sleep as soundly as before, or maybe not at all. Several issues can occur after the trauma of an accident that can cause sleep disturbances or insomnia. Getting enough quality, restful sleep is essential for optimal mental and physical health, so if you’re experiencing trouble sleeping, it can impact your daily life.

Accident-Related Sleep Disturbances

If you have trouble sleeping after your auto accident, you’re not alone. Below are some of the most frequently reported post-accident sleep disturbances:

  • Trauma – Being involved in an auto accident is quite traumatic and can lead to an array of issues, including sleep deprivation if left untreated.
  • Overstimulation – Overstimulation from an accident can flood the human brain with neurochemicals that prevent sleep. Disturbances in one’s sleep cycle can trigger insomnia, daytime fatigue, and nightmares.
  • Pain – If you were injured in your auto accident, the pain from the injuries can also cause a lack of sleep. Whiplash, for example, can cause damage to the ligaments and muscles in your neck. Chronic pain experienced as a result of whiplash or other injury can cause extreme discomfort, which prevents you from sleeping.

How Do I Restore Sleep After an Auto Accident?

Seeking care promptly after your accident is imperative to ensure a complete and speedy recovery. Often, your accident may appear minor, and you may think no damage has been sustained. This can be deceiving, as even minor accidents can result in severe injuries. So how should you respond to sleep disturbances after an automobile accident?

First and most importantly, seek help right away. This could be from a doctor for your physical needs or a counselor for your mental health. A physician can address your needs through diagnosis, therapy, and even medication if necessary. Take time to process what happened and don’t try to brush it off. Be gracious with yourself and remember that recovery takes time.

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If you’re suffering from sleep disturbances brought on by an auto accident, please reach out to the professional staff at Synergy Health Partners. Let our team assess your situation and develop the best plan for restoring your sleep. Our medical staff is well known in the Denver area as leaders in treating conditions sustained from auto accidents. Let us help restore your physical and mental health so you can sleep more soundly.

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