Most common causes of auto accidents

When operating a vehicle, there are, quite literally, a lot of moving parts. A number of things can go wrong when you’re behind the wheel. It is estimated that as many as 77% of drivers will be or have been involved in an auto accident to some degree.

What Causes an Accident?

So what exactly causes all of these accidents? As mentioned, various things can lead to an auto accident. Below are just some of the most common causes of accidents:

  • Distracted DrivingThis is the number one cause of all auto accidents, and the number of distracted driving accidents is increasing every year. With cell phone usage rising, we can expect a continued increase in accidents due to distracted drivers. Cell phones are not the only thing that lead to distracted driving. Drivers also experience distractions when eating, grooming, or even reading while operating a vehicle. 
  • Drunk DrivingAlcohol and drug use while operating a vehicle is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous. While drinking and driving is not the leading cause of auto accidents, it is in fact the most deadly. It is never the right decision to get behind the wheel when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  • Speeding and Reckless DrivingAt times you may feel pushed to the limit. Maybe you’re running behind schedule or trying to reach your destination faster. It is always best to remain within the posted speed limit when driving. Aggressive behavior and excessive lane changes are not safe practices and can be considered reckless driving.

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