Are you responsible for that slippery spill? Eight things to avoid

If an employee or customer slips and falls on business property, it can cause a severe physical and sometimes legal situation. It is imperative to promptly clean up spills and put safeguards in place to protect your business. Here are a few examples of things to avoid to prevent an accident from happening on your property. 

A Poorly Maintained Space

When your business is not adequately maintained and cleaned, it can lead to an accumulation of clutter. Clutter can block walkways causing people to trip, fall, and become injured. It is best to have a system where employees routinely clear out clutter and make pathways easy to navigate.

Icy or Wet Surfaces

If you live in an area that frequently gets icy weather, you need to have a plan to clear the parking lot and walkways. This is a common cause of injuries that happen on business property. It is the same for spills inside the building. If there is a wet surface, it needs to be marked with a caution sign and promptly cleaned to avoid a fall. 

Broken Handrails

Do you have stairs or ramps in or on your property? Any locations with areas that can be a fall hazard should have handrails installed. If there is a malfunction or some type of damage to one of the rails, it needs to be appropriately marked and fixed in a timely manner. 

Broken and Cracked Sidewalks

The sidewalk outside of your business gets a lot of foot traffic. If you notice a place with cracks or divots, address the situation quickly. Doing so could prevent a customer or employee from tripping over it and getting hurt. 

Additional Hazards To Avoid

There are several ways people can get hurt at work. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you stay alert, clean, and make the necessary repairs. This also means planning for proper maintenance and services to prevent future issues. 

Additional hazards you want to avoid are:

  • Damaged carpet or rugs

  • Damaged floorboards

  • Unassisted climbing

  • Not wearing proper safety wear

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