Lifting Injuries

Lifting Injuries

December 27, 2019

At Synergy Health Partners, we are used to providing therapy for many accident-related injuries. However, using improper form while weight lifting following an accident can make your symptoms worse!


Weight lifting can be beneficial for building strength, but the wrong form and techniques can also lead to injuries, especially when movements are done incorrectly over time. Common examples include:

Shoulder Injuries

A lot of weight lifting is done by hand, and this can place a lot of stress on the shoulders. Overhead weight lifting, in particular, can be dangerous with poor form, and this can lead to strains and damage to the rotator cuff. Pain relief treatments and plenty of rest can often fix these issues, but it’s important to adjust your workouts while you are recovering!

Knee Injuries

Runners and those using leg-oriented lifting workouts can both be susceptible to exacerbating knee injuries. Treatment options for knee injuries usually include plenty of rest, immobilization, and physical therapy to return to movement without dealing with further damage.

Back Injuries

While many fitness fans don’t realize it, common workouts like bench presses and deadlifts are especially hard on the back. Mistakes with these workouts can lead to sprains and strains which are painful and affect movement. Sometimes pinched nerves and herniated disks can also be a result! In these cases, careful rest can help lead to healing, while chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, and acupuncture can provide pain relief. The right physical therapy practices can also help prevent this from happening again.

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Synergy Health Partners provide all the services mentioned above and more for a variety of injuries related to working out, along with other causes. Whether you are looking for advice, pain relief, or a physical therapy plan for your eventual recovery. Contact us today to learn more.