Why you need to seek medical care after a workplace accident

If you’ve experienced an injury due to a workplace accident, you must take the proper steps to seek medical attention. Ensuring appropriate medical treatments is vital to your recovery and health, but workers’ compensation benefits will also require appropriate documentation. 

When to Seek Medical Treatment

Even if the injury seems minor, you should seek medical treatment immediately if you’ve been in a workplace-related accident. There are two reasons for seeking prompt treatment: the closer to the time of the accident you receive medical attention, the less room it gives your insurance company or employer to dispute that your injury isn’t work-related. Second, when you receive medical treatment early enough, it makes your recovery time a lot better. Regardless of the injury, you should ensure that you don’t downplay the severity of your injuries or tough it out because this can interfere with your recovery. 

Where to Get Medical Treatment for a Workplace Injury

Suppose your injury requires immediate attention, head to the nearest emergency room. Following your employer and state’s rules for workplace-related injuries is essential if your injury isn’t an emergency. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be able to choose your doctor, while others allow your insurance company or employer to decide. Choosing a medical center familiar with all this information is critical, so choosing Synergy can be very helpful in navigating these issues. 

Why Choosing the Right Doctor Is So Important

Even though doctors and insurance companies or employers should be objective, they sometimes have financially rewarding relationships with insurance companies or employers. For this reason, it’s best to receive medical treatment from a doctor you personally know and trust. When you can choose, make sure you select an experienced doctor who communicates well. Your doctor plays a vital role in workplace-related accident cases. 

Choose Synergy

When you choose the doctors at Synergy, you can rest assured they are knowledgeable and care about their patients. Having a workplace-related accident can be stressful enough without having to deal with subpar medical care. Contact us to schedule an appointment if you need help navigating your workers’ comp injuries. We’ll help get you on the right track.