I Slipped, Fell, and Hurt Myself—What Now?

It’s hard to think about anything after you’ve fallen and hurt yourself. You may feel confused and surprised as you gather yourself and take care of the mess. Although you may feel fine after a slippery spill, here are eight things to avoid:

1. Ignoring Your Surroundings

Whether you slip and fall on your property or someone else’s, note your surroundings. You may even take pictures or notes to preserve events that led to your fall for later use.

2. Resuming Usual Activity

After you fall, avoid the urge to resume regular activities. Take a few minutes to check your body for injuries. Even if you don’t have significant injuries, contact your doctor.

3. Refusing Medical Care

It can feel embarrassing to slip and fall regardless of where it happens. You may feel tempted to walk away and go about your day. However, refusing medical care may cause further health concerns.

4. Ignoring Your Doctor’s Advice

Commit to following your doctor’s advice regarding your care after an injury. While you may feel discouraged at temporary limitations, this advice will prevent further injury and help you recover faster.

5. Relying On Self-Care

A fall can make you feel embarrassed, and you may not want anyone’s help. Trying to take care of your own injuries may increase the severity of your injury. It’s okay to accept the help of family members or close friends, and it’s especially important to accept the care of medical professionals.

6. Panicking

Depending on the extent of your fall, you may feel the urge to panic. Take a deep breath and focus on your surroundings and what just happened. Panicking will increase your stress level and cloud your focus.

7. Waiting on Massage Therapy

A massage can help aches, pain, and other muscle soreness after an injury. Always seek medical attention first and then let the doctor determine the right time for massage therapy.

8. Canceling Extended Care

After your initial medical visit, it’s essential to keep your follow-up appointments and extended care therapies. This will ensure your recovery goes well. 

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