What are the Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy?

What are the Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy?

October 8, 2019

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Are you suffering from an injury that continues to flare up and does not seem to

end? Low-level laser therapy may be the answer to help you find pain relief.

During this treatment, a low-level laser emits light at low levels that is absorbed

into your cells. Inside your cells, the rays of light stimulate the mitochondria to

produce more energy which helps improve healing time.

Beneficial Pain Relief

One of the most critical benefits of the low-level laser is it does not heat the

tissue and cause it to burn. This treatment is a great replacement for taking

medication. Low-level laser therapy can decrease pain and inflammation while

encouraging tissue to regenerate and stimulate immunity. This treatment is used

in chiropractic care to help with problems like muscle fatigue and joint


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