Types of Migraines

Types of Migraines

April 28, 2020

Do you experience migraines? You are not alone. A recent peer-reviewed study indicates that 1 in 39 million American suffers from migraines. Over 12% of the population finds their migraines debilitating and unable to function at work or at home. Many people are seeking treatment without suffering from the side effect of commonly prescribed medications by seeking a chiropractor in Aurora and Thornton, CO. This can include physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and tools for natural pain relief treatment.

Chiropractic Care for Migraine Treatment

Your spine is connected to nerves that can trigger a migraine. Misalignments of the spine must be addressed to treat the cause of the pain rather than the symptoms in order to live pain-free. Going for regular adjustments will help reduce stress on the muscles that support your neck and range of motion, making tension and migraine headaches significantly lessen.

Acupuncture for Pain Relief of Migraines

Acupuncture activates pathways to the brain that can help turn off common pain associated with migraines. This energy flow is often called “qi” and balances along the meridians with needles in specific pressure points, usually on the back and neck. Several treatments have been shown to significantly reduce or slow pain transmission, bringing back day-to-day functionality.

Massage Therapy and Migraine Treatment for Pain Relief

Massage therapy offers helpful pain relief for migraines due to several reasons. The chemical serotonin is released during a massage which can help relieve pain, especially migraine pain. Due to increased circulation, increased blood flow will result and often drive away tension and migraine headaches.

Many times, massage therapy will block pain signals by relieving muscle spasms and tension. This will also aid in decreasing stress levels and cortisol, and in turn increase endorphins.

Pain Relief Advice from Our Aurora and Thornton Chiropractors

When you visit us, we will guide you in lifestyle changes that will increase your overall mobility and health and decrease migraines naturally without side effects of drugs. We can address techniques to reduce the occurrence. We will explore exercise, meditation, triggers, diet and hydration. Simple techniques like essential oils of lavender, massaging your temples, or finding a quiet and dark room without sound will help reduce any migraine triggers before your next visit.

Make an appointment at our offices with a chiropractor in Aurora and Thornton and stop the cycle of migraine pain.