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Posted on 12-26-2017

Stretches to Prevent Neck Pain During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy, but they may also cause stress, which can bring on neck pain, especially if you are traveling.  While you travel from your home in the Thornton, CO or Aurora, CO area, neck stretches are a good way to reduce the muscle stiffness that can set you up for neck pain. These simple stretches can be done in the car or even in your airplane seat.

Woman with neck pain while traveling furing the holidays.

Some tips before you start:  Consult your chiropractor in Aurora for diagnosis and treatment of neck pain.  Never stretch to the point where you feel pain. Use gentle movements and don’t bounce.  As you hold a stretch, breathe normally.  Remember to keep your shoulders straight during the exercises.

For exercises 1 -3, hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. Repeat all of the stretches 2-4 times on each side. 

  1. Side Stretch - As you keep both your shoulders down, tilt your head gently sideways toward your right shoulder. Repeat on left.
  2. Side/Diagonal Stretch - Repeat the stretch above, with your head tilted slightly toward your chest.
  3. Back of Neck Stretch - Keep shoulders straight, and slowly move your chin down towards your chest.  After holding the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds, lift your chin slowly back up.
  4. The range of Motion Stretch - Breathes in deeply.  As you exhale, turn your head slowly and gently toward your right shoulder. As you inhale, turn your head back to the center. Then as you exhale, turn your head toward your left shoulder. Inhale and turn your head back to the center.  Repeat each sequence 3-4 times.

Stretching your muscles will help you to arrive at your destination feeling comfortable and ready to enjoy the holidays.  

Contact Our Chiropractor in Aurora for More Information

You may also have neck pain caused by work, personal or auto accident injuries. Non-invasive treatments for pain in your neck or body can be provided by our chiropractor in Aurora, who is part of our multi-practice clinic that offers all of the services you will need under one roof.   

Synergy Health Partners has two locations for your convenience. For an appointment with one of our doctors in Aurora, CO, call us at (303) 343-1357.  For our Thornton, CO location, call us at 303-630-0400.

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